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Elastic Wonder Fashion - Beautiful Trip Pop Art Photo by Carl Posey February 28 2014


Love this new E.W. promo by photographer Carl Posey! Do you recognize which Elastic Wonder garment this is?

For the solution scroll down please...'s the Avatar Top!

It's so wonderfully trippy with its scattered hologram print. The pop art graphic in this piece enhances this feeling even more :)

Another shoot with Britt! June 29 2013


Check out Britt!!! She's the German beauty you've been seeing on Elastic Wonder's site more and more recently. We think she's the perfect EW girl. You should see how much fun we have at our shoots.. Well, we also do our share of hard work to produce these images! Look. Thanks Carl Posey and M.J. for you hands on professionalism. IDILVICE.

Photo Shoot With The Dark Angel May 12 2013

I really digged the photo shoot yesterday with our lovely Dark Angel. Meet Britt, the German girl with the perfect features and complexion of a fiberglass mannequin! The fabulous gothic smokey eyes & grey lips make up is by Paris.


Elastic Wonder model Britt being made up by Paris.

Elastic Wonder Photo Shoots January 29 2013

Of course photo shoots are fun, but boy are they a lot of work! We've been having at least 1 shoot a week lately... and that does not include preparations. Thanks goodness I have a fabulous photographer! Carl Posey has been our go to guy for anything from advertising, documentary, portraits, catalog and more. Really essential to have good material to work with... so it's been going good and I can't wait 'till we are opening shop so that you can browse through this beautiful work :)

Here are just a couple of back stage images... don't want to give anything away yet ;-) I hope you get pumped! Stay tuned for our shop opening coming very, very soon...