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Elastic Wonder™ by David Bailey for Tod's September 16 2015

Thank you Mr. Bailey for using our catsuit for Tod's Fall Winter 2015 campaign :-*

Get Your Basic Classic On! September 13 2015

Sure our flashy hologram items fly out of the stores, but don't think that a basic color cannot be striking. Actually, you'll find that it will get even more wear. A basic color can be grabbed frequently from your closet to complete a look and won't be noticed as much as one of its sparkly sisters. Therefore, it can feel brand new every time you wear it with something else. 

Classic Italian brand Tod's styled our Elastic Wonder™ plain black bodysuit in their Fall Winter 2015 Cape Bag Campaign. Check it out. Regardless of what we say, this makes our basic an instant classic!


Elastic Wonder™ Private Label September 11 2015


We now offer private label production for your companies own clothing label. Check out of Private Label Website for more info and let us know if you have any questions.



10 Second Sketch for 4th Of July Dress Idea June 03 2015

That is how we do 10 second sketches... lol, not the real dress thing but the idea of it... Elastic Wonder ® getting ready for 4th Of July... are you?

Elastic Wonder at Magic Las Vegas! May 06 2015

Your chance to visit us in person at the Magic Show @ the Convention Center in Las Vegas is here! 8/19 - 8/21. You'll get to choose from one of the biggest collections of leggings and all that at the very best wholesale prices. We are giving new customers an additional 10% off  :) Find us at booth # 75416 in the Young Contemporary Woman section. See you there!

Check out our booth design! Photos by Carl Posey.

Cross Fit With Elastic Wonder April 30 2015

Of course you can train in our Elastic Wonder leggings! People assume that when something is stylish it's too good for work out. None other than renowned Refinery 29 serves the proof that Elastic Wonder looks good (but not too good) doing cross Fit training:


Photos by Geordy Pearson

Happy Easter Style April 05 2015

It's almost past midnight here in New York City on this here Easter Sunday evening. How was your day? We recently implied that we did not want to see you hunt eggs in your old rags ;-) but how did this go in the end? What outfit did you pick? 

Of course everyone has their own tradition all over the world on the Easter holiday and besides the overly exaggerated Easter hats seen in the churches across America on this particular day, not everyone wants to look like an Easter egg, so there are certainly more down to earth styles to come by, but I think we can all agree that most people make an effort about putting on something Easter-y. 

We've spotted grass green suits and a parade of pastels (since we all dyed our hardboiled eggs last night and were inspired by the colors) worn all together at times and lots and lots of pink. The tulips we picked today were yellow, the ultimate Spring flower color. They looked gorgeous!

Well, these were our clothing picks for today:




And as Easter phases out now, we'd like to say 'Good Night' and 'Happy Belated Easter' to all of you we haven't had a chance to wish it to.




Rare Ebay Auction - Outbid The Current Winner Of These Elastic Wonder Leggings March 21 2015

The Perfect Match March 05 2015

Since Elastic Wonder frequently offers for sale their designs in a variety of colors, chances are you get the perfect match every time. Like our client Oberita Kelley, she matched up our hologram crop top with her brand new Jordan sneakers. Good Job girl! <3


Lindsey Stirling x Elastic Wonder February 17 2015

Lovely Lindsey Stirling swears by the style and comfort of Elastic Wonder Leggings. This tiny, giddy girl with millions of  worldwide fans has an acrobatic figure which requires some serious style and stretch. And there is nothing more fitting than E.W. super stretchy made in U.S.A. quality leggings.
Naturally, Lindsey favors the flashy hologram styles ;-)

Not only does she prefer our leggings on tour for her countless stage performances, she recently even sported a pair of silver and black Panel Square Shattered Glass Hologram Leggings on a recent visit to the YouTube offices in Tokyo, Japan. (As she posted on her Instagram).



Don't you hate when you're in love with an item you see your idol wearing and can't figure out where to get it? Well, unfortunately this happens all too often and works hard every day to give you the scoop on where to get those items the stylists to the stars are picking up. 

And if you want to keep up with Lindsey's constantly changing outfits why not follow her on Stealherstyle or Instagram?



What is your favorite color of our vinyl skater skirts? February 08 2015

What's your favorite color of our selection of vinyl skater skirts? Recently we've got an order of the light pink version and we think it's the coolest color so far. It even looks gorgeous in our pillow box packaging... We thought we best give you a heads up on this rubbery color, in case you need help picking ;-)

You can also check out Elastic Wonder's Instagram page for news related to one of the hottest Spandex collections in the world!


Elastic Wonder Leggings feat. in IDILVICE RTW Spring 2015 Ad Campaign January 19 2015

Here's Carl Posey's video clip preview of IDILVICE's RTW Spring 2015 Ad Campaign featuring our Elastic Wonder Native American Indian Bead Print Leggings: Enjoy!

Opera Length Gloves Become The First Fashion Trend of 2015 (Via The Golden Globe Awards?) January 13 2015

Not quiet. Amal Clooney just confirmed the trend we set earlier this year on the red carpet on Sunday by wearing white Opera gloves with her simple black gown, but we've advertised our new Opera length gloves - which by the way come in over 80 different shades of color and a variety of prints - ahead of time as usual. Smirk.

But since Amal actually wore them that faithful evening, we've become busier and busier every day making this hot accessory for some of the top fashionistas worldwide, which - no doubt about it - is the very first fashion trend of 2015



New Mermaid Maxi Skirts January 04 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to you all! 

To start it off here at Elastic Wonder, we wanted to present you something special. How about our brand spanking new Mermaid Maxi Skirts?
Yeah, we know: Caution slippery wet! But is there anything more sexy and cool at the same time? Here's to being totally bodycon and becoming a real life Mermaid for a night or two...


Ready for the spotlight? December 31 2014

No, we don't want to hear you cry. You've had enough time to get ready. You probably did get yourself a glam accessory for New Years Eve 2015... so you'll be ready for the spotlight!
Video clip shot by Carl Posey.

Today In Cyber Space We Offer Worldwide Free Shipping December 01 2014

Yes, you heard right. Get it while it lasts: 

elastic wonder icon

Elastic Wonder Cruise Collection 2014 August 28 2014

Helllllooo Darlings!

We are happy to announce that this year Elastic Wonder will be offering a Cruise Collection available during the Winter months between November and January - perfectly designed for your vacation you'll undoubtedly sign up for during the freezing temperatures this year and next - so have a look out for the official presentation coming soon.


We are exited! What about you?


Elastic Wonder Reinvents 80's Retro Hair Accessory Called Scrunchie August 21 2014

Yep, did it again!
We went all out and now are able to deliver to you matching scrunchies to all of our leggings!
Just ask if you don't see your match or add yours to the shopping basket for the complete disco look :) 
@idilvice instagram'ed it!

Baam! Our first official collaboration with IDILVICE Fashion August 07 2014

Well, well, yes indeed, it finally happened! Our first official collaboration with IDILVICE Fashion shot by Photographer Carl Posey!

Soooooo exited and ready to go into Fall 2014!
We just can't picture any better match to our dope leggings than IDILVICE's cozy Sweatshirts from the Swiss designers Fall collection.
She promised they'll be stocked soon, so save your $$ and get on board with the hottest street crew.

Catholic or not - We are in love with this neon two tone Virgin Mary top. It matches perfectly our neon Rainbow leggings, but sure, you may pick your own favorite.

We dare saying it already: Happy Fall 2014!

It's still Summer out there! July 29 2014

Thanks goodness Summer is still in full bloom!
We are out enjoying ourselves so much and just wanted to send a reminder to everybody out there to do the same, as we can't bear the thought of it ever ending...
but it inevitably will, so don't say we did not mention it:
Happy Summer 2014!
elastic wonder leggings summer 2014 cali girl collection
Photo: Carl Posey

Sneak Peek Video Preview Elastic Wonder Fall 2014 Campaign July 15 2014

We are at it again!
This time we are shooting beautiful model Ada.
Make up by Parisian MUA Marion Madeleine
Photos by Carl Posey

...check out this short video preview of us getting ready...

Don't forget to check back in for the results being posted to this website soon :) you won't wanna miss our incredibly stylish leggings & top 2-piece sets pictured in these new photographs! ;-)

Guess who's coming for dinner tonight? July 10 2014

So I was walking down Telegraph in Oakland, California today and guess who I crossed paths with? The California Grizzly Bear! I gave him a big old bear hug and he told me "Welcome to California"! — feeling in love in California.

Happy 4th! July 04 2014

Flag Dresses continue to fly out of our New York City warehouse! Get yours in time for next weekends 4th of July party! Sizes XS-XL. Or opt for our stars & stripes leggings instead #elasticwonder #dresses #party #usa #thankyoudearcustomers #style #fashion #madeinusa



Our beautiful Arianna! May 28 2014

Get ready for some uber sexy images of Cali Girl Arianna in Elastic Wonder!